Pucker Up.

One thing that comes hand in hand with this bitterly cold weather is chapped,dry, sore lips.

I certainly have the at the moment due to the Arctic conditions( I thought the south was supposed to be warm?!) and having a cold.

I couldn’t find any decent lip balm in my beauty collection,the best I could find was some coconut lip gloss which isn’t the best for soothing dry lips.

So I popped into my local boots today and picked up some of the old classic Vaseline… but this isn’t just any old normal Vaseline it’s cocoa butter Vaseline.

It’s in a brown tin and it smells gorgeous!

As a chocolate lover, I love all things chocolate and love cocoa butter products and this one does not disappoint!

It does what Vaseline is best at, soothing and moisturising your lips but also smells divine. What more could you want?

If you’ve got sore lips and need something then I would so recommend picking one of these bad boys up, it smells so good you want to put it on again and again which means your lips get better quickly and will be back to kissable soft lips in no time 🙂