Red Hot Nails.

Hey 🙂

Hope the snow isn’t affecting you too much, we’ve had absolutely loads here! When you’re younger and at school you pray for snow as then there’s a chance school would get cancelled. Hey even two/three weeks ago me and my boyfriend were looking up at the sky thinking ” please snow, so we don’t have to go to uni” and it did, and we had a little snow day where we watched films and chilled out. I should of been doing uni work and researching the BBC as an institution but I’m pretty sure God didn’t invent snow days to do work!

I decided to get rid of the old French Manicure, I forgot just how easily they chip, I love having my nails painted, I don’t think I’ve not worn nail varnish for like three years now, but I always do find it a bit of a faff so try and only paint my nails once a week. I always use two super top coats to keep chips at bay!

I decided to paint my nails in a festive colour shall we say, I used Revlon’s Red Hot Tamale. It’s a lovely bright red. There’s nothing much to say about it to be honest. It’s fun, flattering and really Christmassy. Also think this will look fab with a tan in the summer!

Hope you all have a good Sunday 🙂