Disappointing Nail Polishes.

I’ve not really done a post on something like this before but after having a little sort through all my nail varnish’s I remembered a few that really disappointed me.
I’m very fussy with my colours and I buy all my polishes myself unless they’re a gift. Now there’s only four polishes that I am mentioning today and these four I chose myself.

With Nail Polishes alot of the time the colour in the bottle is completely different to the colour you eventually get on your nails. I’ve also found that whether your hands are tanned or pale, length of nails and time of year can also affect how a nail varnish can look. I know this sounds crazy but some colours look better when I have a tan. But these four polishes they disappoint me for a couple of reasons.

Barry M – Lilac- I found this in Topshop in Oxford Street, this isn’t a shade that the likes of Boots or Superdrug stock, I picked this up cause it looked a really pretty lilac colour in the bottle and thought it would be perfect for spring. However what I got when painted on the nails was a white with hardly any lilac colouring at all. It just wasn’t flattering and was really disappointing.

Barry M- Pale Yellow- This got released this spring with three other colours, I think the official name was like lemon ice cream but mine says pale yellow, this is a really pretty colour in the bottle and is very summery but yellow nails just don’t work for me. This is a funny yellow and nope sorry doesn’t do it. It’s a shame cause all the other colours in this collection were lovely and Barry M is my favourite nail polish brand but hey they’re allowed a couple of mishaps!

Rimmel Lycra Pro- Black Pearl: I got this cause it was a different dimension to just the average black nail polish. It had shimmery bits and I thought it would look a bit prettier than the normal black. However the shimmer just didn’t show up and just ended up looking like every other black I own. However I love this brush! Its really wide so you make hardly any mistakes.

China Glaze-Oxygen: I don’t really know what I was thinking when I bought this, I can’t even justify to be honest. My main quibble is it’s so sheer. Even with like three coats you can still hardly notice it. It reminds me of milk.

Oxygen painted on left nail.

Remember this is just my opinion but I wouldn’t recommend these shades that’s all, I love all these four brands and have lots more nail polishes by them but these just disappointed me a little that’s all!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!