Hollywood Smile

I hate my teeth. They’re gappy and discoloured and just bleugh.

Part of me is so annoyed at myself cause I had braces when I was 14 for six months, and for six months I endured the pain, the constant hiding my teeth with my lips whenever I laughed or spoke and looked like a old age pensioner who’d forgotten to put their teeth in. Then when the braces came off, I stupidly didn’t wear my retainer as much as I should and my teeth remained straight but gaps started to form.

So there you have it now my teeth are gappy ( not as bad as Cher Lloyd but still) unfortunately I can’t fix my gaps without alot of money so the next thing I can fix is the colour of my teeth!

Now I love the look of white teeth and I’m always well jealous of like Xfactor contestants who get their teeth whitened when they make the live shows.

So Santa (my boyfriend and mum) had obviously heard my wishes and bought me a couple of teeth whitening kits by Rapid White for Christmas!

I’ve decided to start with the kit my boyfriend got me, it’s supposed to make your teeth 5 shades whiter in two hours ( twice a day for 4 minutes for 2 weeks= 2hours)

The process is quite simple, there’s four steps, 1. like a pad the size of a lipsalve which you rub on your teeth. 2. Brush a liquid on the teeth. 3. Put the blue light in your mouth, your lips hold it in place ( it’s not an attractive look, I promise) then leave the light in for 4 minutes then once time is up, brush teeth with toothbrush and water then rinse with special mouthwash, brush your teeth again with toothpaste and you’re good to go!

I’ve been using this since Sunday, so I will post updates as I go along and the final look 🙂

Here are my teeth before the process: I know they don’t look that discoloured here but they are trust me!

Let’s hope soon, I have bright dazzling teeth to make Simon Cowell jealous!!