” If you’re going to have one thing in your make up bag- make it this.”

Yes this is how strongly I feel about The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist.
This is a wonder product for setting make up, there seems to be rucks of make up setting sprays about at the moment, I remember a year or so ago I could find none and keep this a secret right.. but I used to hairspray my face to set my make up. Awful I know.

Though it never did anything to my skin or anything but still, my Mum told me about the face mist and told me to switch to it straight away instead of hair sprays.. I remember her saying ” You spray your face with hairspray cause a magazine said it would set your make up? If a magazine said to put your head in a oven would you?” Mums eh?

Anyways I got this back in the summer and I have sprayed my face with a good three or four sprays every day and I’m only just running out now!

It just feels like water on your face and I’m not sure at all how it works but I’ve noticed in my make up and my skin, I have really oily skin and sometimes make up just slides off my face but with this it stays put and only a pesky bit of shine seeps through after a few hours.

If you want long lasting make up, then without a doubt visit your Body Shop, it is priced at £7.00 but is worth every penny and lasts for ages!!

Here’s a couple of piccies to demonstrate the staying power of make up once sprayed with the mist.

This was me at 8.15 am

This was me at 3pm after seven hours in uni, there’s some shine seeping through but everything else is pretty much intact!!

I love this mist and will be going out to buy some more in the next few days!!!