MAC Advice Needed Please :)

Okay I need some help!

I received an amazing present from my auntie at Christmas which was a MAC Cosmetics gift card!! Eeee so exciting, I’ve been wanting to try MAC for so long but just haven’t been able to justify spending £12.00 on a lipstick and stuff, but with my gift card and some Christmas money, I think I might have a little MAC splurge 🙂

But the only thing is as I am new to the world of MAC I need some help, what should I buy? What are your recommendations?
I was thinking of maybe trying a MAC foundation, I have very oily skin and would need full coverage anyone tried any that have been fab? I also want to get some lipsticks, I love Nude colours 🙂

Obviously I will ask one of the assistants what they think will suit me when I’m in there but would like to know every one’s favourite MAC products as I trust beauty bloggers more than assistants who sometimes push items just for a sale!

If you could let me know that would be fab! The products are quite expensive ( well to me) so I want to make sure I get it right!

Hope you’re all having a nice Tuesday.. 🙂