Make Up I’ve Been Loving In January.

It’s the 31st of January already! In ways this month has gone slowly and quickly! I’m not too bothered though as it means it’s another month closer to summer! Hoorah- the shorts can come out of hiding!

Even though I am supposed to be saving for holidays and what not, I have purchased a few things this month, which I have really liked and thought would tell you all about them. I also never got round to a proper ” What I got for Christmas” post so some things will be what I got for Christmas.

Let’s start then shall we?

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Compact in Bronze– I received this for my half birthday ( don’t ask) and I love it. I also love it a little more the fact it’s a high end product and there’s not that many of those in my make up bag being a student and all that. This is gorgeous, it can be used over blusher, or as blusher, on the eyes, it has many uses! I will do a proper Bobbi Brown post but I’m not happy with the photos of it on my face yet.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator- I’m a little late on the bandwagon with this one. I do like it, it’s good for making your lashes look super long. I haven’t noticed my lashes being actually longer though but hey.

ELF Foundation Brush– I Love, love, love this. It’s fab. It makes my foundation look flawless and has improved the look of my foundation which I didn’t think it would do. Combined with my Revlon Photoready I actually look like I have pretty decent skin ( well that is until I take it all off!)

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder– This was one of my stocking fillers 🙂 Having oily skin, I always need to have shine free powder in my make up bag. This is great, it stops shine and doesn’t look to powdery. Only quibble can make you look a little pale, but that’s nothing a little bit of bronzer can’t help.

Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer– Another stocking filler 🙂 This is fab, it has a antiseptic middle which helps treat spots (apparently) I like it for the fact, it’s so creamy and soft and has good coverage. You do need to put two applications on real stubborn spots though, but isn’t that the case with most concealers?

No.7 Blush in Coral Flush– This is a really lovely colour and goes on really nice. I would recommend it but not at the price of £9.00 though, maybe wait for the next £5.00 off vouchers which is when I bought this 🙂

Models Own Black Kohl Eyeliner– This is a repurhcase!! I have tried so many different brands of eyeliners and most of them, by the end of the day I’ve ended up looking like Alice Cooper which is so not a good look. But Models Own have created a winner here, the longest lasting eyeliner I have ever used, even on watery eyes. Amazing.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder- I’ve seen this on a few blogs and I’ve seen it in Boots but I’ve never picked it up for some reason. I picked this up on Saturday actually and it was £1.00 off in Boots (bargain eh) and I love it so far. I love it for the fact it smells of chocolate.. always a winner in my eyes and it’s a really nice colour that isn’t heavily pigmented with glitter or is too dark. It’s still early days with this one, but wanted to include it anyways 🙂

Well there we go and breathe! My favourite new products of January. I still haven’t spent my MAC voucher yet! I have to spend my voucher in an actual MAC store not a concession and the nearest MAC is a hour and half away! I still haven’t made my mind up what I want either as I thought I did want a foundation of some sort but my head has been turned by Estee Lauder’s Double Wear, which I shouldn’t even think about considering the price!!

Well I’m sorry for the text heavy post, I’m gonna finish here now 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a good Monday so far.