Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott, a name that a couple of years back, none of us had heard of. But at the age of 19/20 (same age as me, how scary) she’s taken the UK by storm and is not only one of the biggest female singers at the moment but also one of our main style icons.

I fell in love with her style when I realised she wore shorts alot, which from the months of May to September, I do. Last year I think between those months I wore jeans once, impressive huh?

I always look out for her in magazines to see if I can steal some style inspiration from her and when I found out in October 2009 that she’d designed a dress for River Island, I had to have it.

Yes it was an impulse buy. To this day- I still haven’t worn it. I know awful eh.

So instead of it sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing, I thought I would try and sell it on Ebay so it goes to a good home and it’s a little money to go towards my holidays fund.

It’s a gorgeous dress, black and white zebra print in a body con style, tasseled and studded shoulders add an unique twist to it.

The dress I am selling is a size 8.

I’m sorry that this post is a little of bit a shameless plug but I know all you ladies are stylish so would just offer you to have the option to have a peek at it.

So here’s the link 🙂
I will get on to doing a proper beauty/fashion blog related post now 🙂