Shameless Ebay Plug

Hey guys 🙂

I’m sorry to do another “shameless plug” but just thought you all may or may not want a peek at some clothes, I’ve put up on Ebay.

I’m going home briefly this week, so picking up some more goodies to put up next weekend, I’m gonna try and keep up with Ebay as it’s a good way to earn a few extra pounds. With my boyfriend and I agreeing to go on holiday with both our families we have two holidays to save for. Also the job hunt is not going good at the moment, no one seems to be looking 🙁 I’ve handed my CV in a couple of places, so we’ll see if I hear back.

I know that probably no one will be interested in any of this stuff but I thought you just never know!!

Here’s a couple of my favourite things:

Red Mini Skirt- I love this skirt, the colour is fab and I love the detailing. However it’s a very small size 8 and with my gigantic hips it’s just too small 🙁 To be honest this skirt is more of a size 6 and I’d rather see it go to a good home than sit in my wardrobe! Bidding starts at 99p! Bargain!

Floral Playsuit- This playsuit is gorgeous and so summery. But it just doesn’t suit me. Maybe it’s cause I’m like 5ft 2. I don’t know, it’s never been worn and tags still attached. Someone would get better use out of this than me! Bidding Starts at £4.00.

Please check it out here – there may be something that catches your eye!!

Also remember I am having a Blog Sale on here too.. so take a peek at that aswell 🙂

Thanks girlies for putting up with my shameless plugs!! I’m off to have a Sunday night bath and Chocolate bar before another week at uni!! <3