Sunday Ramble ♥

Well, well, well, it’s Sunday. How do the weeks go by so fast? It feels like only five minutes since last Sunday!

Weekends are funny old things for me, with me not being able to find a job and my boyfriend working usually both Saturday and Sunday, I find myself at a bit of a loss. I always find myself doing something boring like housework, or uni work. I popped into town yesterday, braved the Saturday crowds and picked up a few little things which in hindsight I shouldn’t of done as I am supposed to be saving but I just can’t help myself! I will do a little haul post sometime this week.

Also today is the day my first Ebay listings finish, I sold my Pixie Lott dress yesterday on Ebay for £10.00. I am a bit disappointed, cause I thought it might of gone for more but hey ho, it’s been sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing so it’s better than nothing eh. A couple of my items have bids so hopefully they will sell, I think I am going to put some more stuff up later and try and shift some more things and earn a few pennies. If any of you would like a little look before the listings end, here’s the link

It’s been a busy old week, I always feel bad moaning about the amount of time, I spend in uni because it’s nothing compared to people who work 9-5 but it’s just so boring! I have got to the point that I realise I am doing the wrong course, but I’m 18 months in and have like a year left so it seems silly to give up. I’m also stubborn so I wouldn’t quit unless something was really bugging me.

I also popped home to see my sister for her birthday this week, me and my boyfriend live three hours away from where we are at the moment, so to be fair for a one night visit we were shattered.

My sister turned 15- here’s a couple of pictures- ( Excuse my face, I look a bit mannish in these pics!)

We had a lovely couple of days and I got some gorgeous half birthday presents!Yes I have half birthdays but this post is long enough never mind explaining the half birthday story. But I got a gorgeous Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and Bobbi Brown almost manual and a sledge! As at Christmas we couldn’t find sledges anywhere but we have now whoo 🙂 I will do a special Bobbi Brown post soon but I haven’t manage to get the right photo of the shimmer brick effect on my face yet, I will keep trying and when I’m happy, I will do a post 🙂

Sorry for the rambling post, I don’t usually do these maybe I’m just putting off doing some uni work- researching the BBC again! Damn I am so blimmin bored of researching the BBC.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and it’s been alot more exciting than mine!

I’ll leave you with a picture of a heart shaped Donut that my boyfriend brought home from work