” You don’t just have to be tanned in the summer,Y’know.”

As I’ve said before I’m a bit of a tanorexix and would much rather be tanned than pale.

I found a little St.Tropez kit in my bathroom cupboard last week and after applying the self tan twice now, I realised just what the true gem was in that little set.

I’ve only ever used self tan from St.Tropez, I’ve never used any of the other products such as bronzer, bath oil, etc. But in this kit also came a body moisturiser which doesn’t contain any fake tan but helps maintain your old fake bake.

Now I didn’t think this would work and I’m still a little unsure cause I’ve been using St.Moriz for the past year or so, at £2.99 you get a gorgeous colour from it but it doesn’t last long let me tell you that and when it goes, it patches.

So I’m not sure that I’ve got used to cheap fake tans that fade quickly opposed to expensive ones that last a little longer?

But I do think this little moisturiser has helped maintain my tan, I applied a fake tan on Sunday night and by Saturday afternoon- 6 days later, my tan was still in tact. As the picture shows below 🙂

I was really impressed as by putting on a couple of times in that week made my tan last longer and it means I that I only have to tan once a week yay and I bet my boyfriend will be pleased too.

After trying this out I definitely want to try more out, I am saving my Boots advantage points for a St.Tropez set I think and I’m really wanting to try the bath oil which helps your tan come off whilst having a relaxing bath. What more could a girl want eh?!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend! <3