Bag Lady♥

Hiya ♥

Firstly what a horrible,horrible, horrible day. It’s rainy,dark and cold. It might not be like this at all where you are but where I am it is vile.

Now here is another mini Primark haul- I don’t know why just cannot keep out of that store! It’s like I’m addicted to the place, it is not good at all!

I got a few little earring and headbands bits but they didn’t photograph that great so just going to show you my favourite two buys.

I think I am going to have to restrain myself from going to Primark.

So here is a couple of bags that I picked up. I really liked them both because they’re a bit smaller than the beast of a bag that I use at the moment. These I think are going to used throughout the summer when I won’t have to carry uni work.

Firstly Tan Satchel- I’ve seen this on a few blog posts, I really like this cause it’s different to any other bags that I have at the moment and it has a vintage feel to it. It also doesn’t look £7.00, think it looks more! I’m hoping to use this for uni tomorrow but if it’s raining might have to use my normal bag!

Secondly this black embroidered design, I think this is lovely and again doesn’t look the £6.00 that it was. I have one like this which is similar which I used to death last summer but the handle has broke so this can be it’s replacement 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good Sunday so far- I am having one of those days when I’m glad that I don’t have to venture outside! I am also trying to keep healthy eating but this will all go down the pan with our Valentines Meal tomorrow night but hey allowed a treat now and then♥

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday, just a cheeky plug my few ebay items are finishing in a matter of hours- have a little look if your fancy