Beauty On A Budget

Hello lovelies ♥

As a student I know how hard it is to look good when on a budget. There is always going to be the debate about what is better- high end or high street make up. I have very few high end products in my make up bag and I find that some high street products are amazing and I wouldn’t trade them for a more exclusive brand.

Now Natural Collection is a brand which is sold specifically at Boots. This brand to me reminds me of being 13. When you’re just starting to get into make up and you haven’t got much money, I used to buy stuff from Natural Collection but as I’ve got older and had more money in my pocket, I have to admit I have neglected the Natural Collection counter.

However, I’ve seen alot of hype on Twitter and blogs about Apple Blossom which is apparently Natural Collections most popular shade of lipstick and is dupes for Gosh Darling and a couple of Mac lippies too! So I thought hmm I think I need to give this lipstick a try! Boy was I glad I did!

Boots currently have an offer of 3 for £5.00 on Natural Collection,so I got three things to try, as well as getting Apple Blossom, I also got Autumn Sunset from the Sheer Natural lipstick range and a blusher.

Apple Blossom is a nude lipstick, it’s creamy and really pigmented which is great for £1.99. I am really impressed with the colour and think for £1.99 it is a lipstick I will definitely purchase again.

Moi with Apple Blossom on

Left Apple Blossom- Right Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunset- Sheer Natural lipstick range-I think I like this more than Apple Blossom. It’s a gorgeous baby pink/nude that has a little bit of gloss so it’s not as matte. It’s a really pretty/natural colour and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Autumn Sunset on lips..

Finally I got a Blusher( I have an obsession with blushers at the moment) I plumped for Sweet Cheeks which is a pinky colour, it’s a gorgeous pink glow and lasts all day. There isn’t much product for your money so I don’t think it will last too long but again at £1.99 you don’t mind too much. I am wearing Sweet Cheeks in both the photos above.

I am really impressed with all three of the Natural Collection products I bought and will be going back for more!!

Now finally I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who follows this blog as I have reached 100 followers! Eeee, when I first started this blog, I never imagined that 10 people would follow never mind 100 of you beautiful lot!

I think to celebrate I will host a little giveaway in a couple of weeks time, I need to get thinking what I want to give away as a prize, I have a couple of ideas so far so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Thank you once again you lovely lot, hope you are all having a great Wednesday ♥