Hi lovelies♥

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday- I am trying to continue with my uni work but just can’t seem to concentrate- boo. I seem to work better at uni in the week at the moment so I might give up in the promise to myself that I work hard this week.

Now as you know I am a student and I am always looking out for ways to save money and this week, I have really gotten into the whole Ebay thing.

I’ve been selling some clothes that I no longer wear on Ebay for the past few weeks and been quite happy with the extra pennies that I’ve made for things that were just sitting in my wardrobe. However I’d never really looked into buying any clothes myself- until this week.

I’ve been looking for some denim cut off shorts for a little while now, there are a gorgeous pair in Topshop but being topshop they are £28.00. I already have a few pairs of denim shorts so didn’t want to spend too much and this is where Ebay has come into use! I am currently bidding on a couple of pairs so fingers crossed, I will win 🙂

I’ve also found that stuff I loved from Topshop which is a couple of seasons old is on Ebay for like 99p, I managed to get a gorgeous dress that I loved a couple of summers ago for £2.20 this morning. Currently bidding on another which I am desperate to get my hands on, so again let’s hope I win. Will be glued to my laptop!

It’s so good to pick up some genuine lovely stuff for a fraction of the price, as long as it’s in good condition you don’t mind that it’s been worn before.

Now here’s a little shameless plug.. I have quite a few items which are ending today and if any of you lovely people would like a little look at the items ( there’s some Topshop, New Look, Primark goodies) then please do here is the link…

I have been loving Ebay this week and hopefully if I am successful with these items, I’m bidding on, I will have some pretty Outfits of the day to show you all!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, I have a Beef Stroganoff cooking YUM 🙂