Hairography ♥

Hey girlie’s ♥

Now I don’t know about you but I get bored very easy. I always look at lots of different blogs and YouTube videos and see girls hair and think wow their hair looks nice. I never usually do anything with mine, it’s usually just left down, a little backcombing and left wavy.

But sometimes I think, that’s so boring, but I seem to be incapable of doing hair styles!

Well this is what I thought till this weekend when I discovered a new hair tutorial guru on YouTube.

I discovered Nee (bebexo)her hair tutorials are really quick and simple to do and also really pretty styles aswell.

This weekend after discovering her channel I have attempted a fishtail plait ( which I have wanted to be able to do ever since seeing Cheryl with one on Xfactor) and a french braided headband.

Fishtail Plait- not very good I know but not bad for a first attempt!

French Plait headband♥

I love finding new blogs/YouTube that I find really interesting so thought would share with you all 🙂 here is Nee’s YouTube Link:

Also I purchased a couple of wired, fabric headscarfy things from Primark this weekend. I am loving this whole headscarf trend as I think it can add so much to your hair especially a messy up do.

Here is me with the floral design from Primark.. does anyone know anywhere that sells these online or something that aren’t ridiculously expensive? Cause the thing with Primark is by next week, everyone will have one!!

Hope you are all having a great Monday- I’m feeling very tired so thinking a early night tonight! Hope you all have a lovely night♥