Pretty things from January.

We’ve made it. It’s officially February. That means only a couple months till the weather gets warmer, four months and 25 days left of being a teenager and three months of uni left for this year!

Yesterday I posted my favourite Make Up purchases from January, today is my favourite “pretty things”.

I am like a magpie, I love jewellery especially rings. I personally think you cannot beat Primark when looking for rings. About 90% of my rings are all from old Primarni.

First up is this gorgeous diamante bow ring. This was a Christmas present of my Mum and it’s from Lipsy. They don’t just do pretty dresses y’know. I love this ring. It’s so dainty and cute! I love bows, a couple of summers when bows were really big, I tried to buy every single clothing item with bows on. I still like them but not as obsessed as I once was!!

Bird Ring- Primark- I bought this pretty early on in the month and I haven’t taken it of. I love it. I think it looks a lot more expensive than the £2.00 that it was and it doesn’t turn my finger green (WIN) I don’t really know why I like this ring so much considering I don’t like birds. Yes I am one of those people who squeals when a bird or more specifically a pigeon is flying towards me. I think it’s birds feet which freak me out, oooh and their beaks. You know what I am digressing let’s move on.

Rose Ring- Primark- I got a coral version of this ring last summer and loved that and was very pleased to see that Primark had brought out a pale pink version. It’s a gorgeous colour and will look even prettier in the spring with girly dresses and stuff.

Finally this little leather bracelet that I got from h&m, they have some really nice bracelets at the moment, and this little beauty reminded me of something I would buy off a holiday and it was £1.99. What a bargain!

Finally Primark have brought out all their spring/summer stuff which means new bikinis!! I spotted these little gems and knew I had to have them. I also knew that if I didn’t get them now, then when my holiday comes around, the size I want won’t be there. So I snapped them up, aren’t they gorgeous? I love them and can’t wait to debut them on my holidays! Yes two holidays- Hello Tanned Corrie!

So there we go another post that doesn’t make much sense at all!

Hope you’re all having an awesome Tuesday!! I personally cannot wait for MY BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDINGS and 90210 tonight. More so MBFGW- love that programme. TV highlight of the year.