A Tanorexixs’ Dream

Hi Girlies ♥

I am a big fan of the old fake tan. I have been for years and I doubt my addiction will end anytime soon. I wish I could afford expensive fake tans such as St.Tropez and xen tan but with my student budget- St.Moriz is more up my street.

For £2.99 this is good stuff, it gives you a gorgeous dark colour and if you apply it right doesn’t turn streaky. I usually have to put on about 2/3 layers to get the dark enough colour for me so guess how pleased I was when I heard about the new dark version of St.Moriz. Yay.

I managed to get my slightly orange hands on a couple of bottles and I am so excited to try it! Shame I only put a tan on a couple of nights ago so I will try it out soon and report back to you all!

If you’re a fellow fake tan lover like me then you can pick this up from places like Savers, BodyCare, Home Bargains etc for £2.99.

Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday, I’ve got the day off uni today for reading week but a stupid headache has prevented me from doing much apart from a quick little pop into town! Exciting eh.