What I Wore On A Very Windy Day.

Helloo everyone 🙂

Firstly just want to say a big thank you to everyone who follows this blog 🙂 I’ve reached 75 followers/readers tonight and really shocked/pleased. I never thought 7 people would want to read this blog never mind 75 of you! I really appreciate it- I’m thinking of holding maybe a little giveaway soon to say thank you!♥

Onto today’s post. This is just a little “What I wore” post.

I’ve not done a outfit post for a week or so thought it was time to do another! This is a pretty boring outfit as I was just heading into uni for a hour. An hour(what a waste eh) also I am a right pale Gail. I am trying to clear my skin at the moment as my skin is having a right paddy.

Next week fake tanning will resume.

♥Coat: Primark
♥Snood: New Look
♥Shirt: Primark
♥Vest top: H&M
♥Jeans: Topshop
♥Boots: Ebay

Hope you have all had a lovely Friday night ♥