Laters’ Red Hair..

Hey everyone 🙂

Just a quick post from me tonight as I am currently feeling fit to burst after having a pizza takeaway tonight- naughty, I might go eat an apple to make up for it!

Now for the past few months I have been lusting after red hair and played about with red/plummy shades like a certain Miss Cole. Now I have found that everyone girl in my local town near enough has a reddy tint to their hair and even Cheryl has ditched the red, so when my red/plum hair faded to a albeit a little strange colour, I made a conscious decision to either go red again or back to brown. I eventually decided to go back brown and picked this colour up in Superdrug. The shade on the box is gorgeous and the type of brown I was right after- a rich chocolate brown.

I am going to use this tomorrow, so I will let you know how I get on and how it looks etc. I still love red hair but for me it’s time to say goodbye to the fiery shade- maybe see you next winter red!!

Lastly in case you haven’t seen it, I have done a guest post over at Beauty and the Blog if you haven’t seen it go check it out, it’s a fab blog which I’ve been following for a while now 🙂

Hope you all enjoy what’s left of Friday night 🙂