Hiya everyone 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great Monday- it’s practically over now yyyaaay! Uni was very boring today and I am very happy to be back in my little flat with a night full of 90210 season 1 watching.

I re painted my nails yesterday afternoon, I did love Models Own Black Swirl and the colour went perfectly with my outfit on Saturday night ( thank you all for the such lovely comments on that outfit post btw) but I just wasn’t feeling black nails when the sun has been shining for the past couple of days!

So I opted for a bright colour which was Models Own Jade Stone. I love this polish and rediscovered my love for it again. It’s so pretty and unusual and with my slightly orange hands it looks great!

(Check out the orange hands- think I went a bit OTT with fake tan!)

It seems silly that a nail polish can make me feel all summery but the weather here has probably helped, it was quite warm in the sun today, I even spotted some people in flip flops and shorts! I walked to uni thinking that it wouldn’t be too long till summer was here which excites me very much! I hope you all have a lovely Monday night..