Hey lovelies 🙂

Hope you’re all well and having a good day so far, I have totally lost my motivation with uni work and my one day break has turned into a three day break. I don’t know about you but I completely stress myself out with uni work and as I have so much, I was starting to make myself feel ill which is just silly!

I popped to town today to get the rest of my Mum’s pressies for Mothers Day ( I just want to say, I think I have done very well with the presents this year, even if I do say so myself!) I ended up in Primark, I was only meant to go in to get some wrapping paper as Primark surprisingly have nice Cath Kidston esque wrapping paper for a £1.00. Anyways typical Corrie ended up seeing stuff and now feel guilty at spending money in Primark (again) though I have a couple of things to take back as I didn’t get a chance to try on.

I popped into BHS to have a look for Mothers day pressies and they were having some kind of 30% of day which was great! They have a Dorothy Perkins stand in there and I managed to pick two gorgeous rings up for an amazing price. I also got a gorgeous ring from Primark.

The gold leaf ring was £3.50, the silver leaf was £2.00(!!) and the turquoise stone from Primark was £2.00.

Bargain eh? I love a good bargain and I also love rings too- as much as I love Primark, I do find that everyone has the same jewellery so these are a little different 🙂 Also does anyone know if you can take back bracelets to Primark?

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday evening, I have finished watching season 1 of 90210, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself tonight. I’m sure I’ll find something though!