Blue nails & my new toy=+

Hey everyone 🙂

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday so far, my boyfriend and I are heading back home tonight for essentially a week as we’ve finished from uni for Easter. My boyfriend has been working all day so I got the role of packing, I’m all packed and cleaned everywhere so I made a little time to paint my nails!

I decided to go for one of my favourite colours by Barry M which is Top Turquoise and then added a couple of blue gems on one finger. I’ve been liking my gems lately, maybe been watching too much of The Only Way Is Essex!

Also I have been spoilt and my boyfriend surprised me this morning with a new laptop(!!) it has to be the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen! It’s a pink dell and it’s all shiny and girly! My laptop has gotten very slow lately and has made doing uni work on it, practically impossible, I used to dread switching it on and used my boyfriends which when both of you have deadlines doesn’t work out too well!

I am so grateful and think my boyfriend is very naughty as I know how expensive laptops are! He said it’s a Easter/Birthday pressie! I am a very lucky girl but thought you’d all like to see my new toy 🙂 there’s a movie maker on here too so once all my deadlines are out of the way, I think I will start maybe making videos! Eeee exciting!

I don’t  know how much chance I will have to blog over the week, so if I don’t have a lovely week 🙂