Cupcakes, Cats & lots of Cake.

Hey lovelies,

Hope you’re all having a good Monday evening, I am having a lovely time at home, so nice to have a little break from uni work and all that. Hope you had a lovely Mothers day, we had a little gathering and Mum loved all her little pressies!

So far I have been eating lots of cake as my Mum and Sister made some yummy cupcakes 🙂

Making me hungry just looking at them!

Thought I would compose just a quick little post of a couple of outfits from the past couple of days, just so you don’t forget me 😉

First up is Sunday’s outfit and this includes my younger sister Hayley, she’s 15 and is taller than me (how is that fair?) I styled my sisters hair, was pretty impressed with myself as I think she looks lovely 🙂

I’m wearing: 

Blouse: Primark 

Shorts: Topshop 

Hayley is wearing…

Cardi: H&M 

Dress: Primark 

Then onto today’s outfit, I met up for lunch with my friend Kelly which was lovely, I also nabbed a couple of tops in New Look 🙂 making the most of a small town having a array of sizes!

Blouse: Primark

Shorts: Topshop 

Pretty much a very similar outfit to the day before, loving my blouses and shorts combo at the moment!!

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, and I’ll try blog again soon 🙂