Flower Power

Hello, only me again!

Two posts in one day?! Just what is going on? Well the first post was a scheduled post and then I decided I wanted to post this one as well so I’m sorry for bombarding you, this may not happen again!

Just a little outfit post showing off my new dress from New Look. Yes I was naughty today and bought a couple of things from New Look- was 20% student discount though would of been rude not to! Ha. Also Primark was stupidly busy ( OI kids shouldn’t you be back at school now?) so New Look won.

I’m in love with this dress ( not literally that would just be weird) as it’s so summery and just gorgeous! I think it’s going to be my new favourite dress! I teamed mine with a denim jacket as it’s not as hot today and my Matalan Sandals ( which are current season for anyone asking)

Denim Jacket: Primark

Dress: New Look

( I’m not quite sure why my legs look so brown- no fake tan though!!)

Tonight I am off to the library how fun eh? To be honest I’m doing group work and trust me I’d rather of gone today but what can you do? Think I’m most annoyed I’m going to miss 90210 but I’m recording it. Pfft I’m such an old lady!!

Have a good evening folks 🙂

P.S Thanks for all the lovely comments on the latest post for everyone asking my eyeshadow is the No.17 metallic nudes eye palette. Also loving my new camera- amazing the difference in quality!