It’s all about Me,Me,Me..

Alright girlies,

Don’t worry I’ve not gone all self loving on you all, I am talking about Me, Me, Me Cosmetics. I have a couple of their blush in a box’s which I cannot fault but I haven’t really tried much else from their range.

I was watching The Only Way Is Essex last Wednesday night and spotted that Lydia was sporting a gorgeous lilac nail polish, now I own Models Own Lilac Dream & Barry M’s Berry Ice Cream but I just don’t like the way  they look on my fingers. I feel like they don’t suit me which I know is stupid but that’s just what I think.

However this polish looked different, I did in fact tweet her to ask where she got it from and I think lots of other girls did too as she replied to one girl saying it was from Me, Me Me.

So as soon as I heard the next day I popped down to Superdrug and picked up one for myself! The colour is called generous and low and behold, I have found a lilac nail colour that I actually like!

It’s a gorgeous creamy shade, that dries super quick and dries glossy! I love it and Lydia from TOWIE obviously has good taste! The polish is £4.50 and in Superdrug you get 10% student discount aswell! Bargain!!

Hope you’ve all had a great Tuesday!