Pan Tao..

Evening girlies,

Hope you’ve all had a great Thursday, mine has been very unproductive. I was meant to do work but I haven’t. I went into town and bought a couple of bits, came back and been willing myself to do work but it just aint happened. I think it’s something due to me being a girl and it being that time of the month if you get me, all I want to do is sit on the sofa, watch 90210 and eat bucket loads of chocolate. Hmm being a girl is fun.

Anyway moving on, I bought Sleek’s limited edition blush Pan Tao the other day, I was torn between Me,Me, Me’s blush in a box in coral and Sleek’s but they both had the same amount of blush, were practically the same colour just Sleek was like £3.00 cheaper so that was the winner. Also it was the last on the shelf, I love getting the last thing, I do an evil laugh in my head sometimes, wow this is what happens when I’ve been sat on my own all day with 90210 for company.

Now in these photos, I appreciate I look a bit of a plonker but I wanted to show you what it looked like, also excuse the fact that I am a pale gail, with all that nice sunny weather, I was falsely allured that the sun would be like that from now on, hmm it hasn’t so I think I need to fake tan. Tbh I do think this blusher will look better with a tan so once I’m all bronzed, I’ll show you again but this is the pale version. Blaaah I hate being pale.

This blush looks scary as it’s like bright orange but it’s not that bright when applied, granted you don’t trowel it on, cause then you’d look like a clown.

This was £4.29 I think which is a good price, I love Sleek products but their new lipstick range has disappointed me, ( not everyone likes bright colours Sleek!)

Anyway I’m going to go but I waffle on some more! Have a lovely Thursday evening, I’m gonna spend mine eating and watching 90210 (obsessed much eh?!)