Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I’ve got chocolate in my tummy..

Hey Lovelies,

Firstly Happy Easter 🙂 hope you’ve had a lovely day, my boyfriend didn’t have to work so we spent a lovely day in the sun and my boyfriend being like he is couldn’t wait to give me my birthday present any longer- another two months was too long to wait so I opened it and it was a DSLR! I was so amazed as I’ve wanted one of these for ages as I know you can get really fab photos for blogging, I am a very lucky girl and I feel thoroughly spoilt!

So we deiced to give it a play today in the park and I’ll be posting make up photos & outfit photos as well soon! So excited to try it out properly! I haven’t done any uni work today and my essay that is due in on Tuesday still isn’t finished!! I was going to do it tonight but I fell asleep on the sofa! Maybe I’ll do it in a bit as I doubt I will sleep tonight!!

Decided to do a little day in photos, I hardly ever do these as I never really do anything interesting but I haven’t really worn any makeup past couple of days as trying to tan my face! I swear my face is like a vampire, it just doesn’t blimmin tan!!!

Hope you all had a lovely day & I hope you enjoy these photos. Hope you have a fun filled evening eating lots of chocolate! I know I will!!

 All our Easter goodies!!! YUM!

 Look at those amazing tubs we got off my Mum, full of Creme Eggs, Double Deckers, Boost Bars, Mini Eggs + much more!

 What a fridge should be like, also there’s my special Easter Chocolate cheesecake 🙂

 Daisy picture I took with my new camera 🙂

 Moi chilling, looking a bit a rough. Ha.

Gorgeous flower pic that my boyfriend took 🙂

Have a nice evening 🙂