‘Keep on dancing till the world ends..’

Hey girlies,

Well I am writing this at 17:55 and in 5 minutes apparently the world is supposed to end. LOL. This stuff does genuinely scare the heebee jeebies out of me but I am thinking that surely this kind of thing cannot be predicted. Let’s hope anyways and we’ll find out in four minutes! Ahhhh

Now I was sent this little beauty of a product and it’s one that I will definitely recommend to you all. This is a liquid eyeliner from Models Own. Yep they’re not just great at making nail polish y’know. It’s official name is Hi- Definer Pro eyeliner. I have the black version and it’s basically a liquid eyeliner. I do have a love/hate relationship with liquid eyeliner as sometimes I can be a little cack handed and it ends up taking up most of my eyelid and other times it looks nice!

I tend to always use liquid eyeliner whenever I’m off out on the town, which doesn’t happen very often as it helps fake eyelashes to look a little more normal. Eeek 17:59 now!

The handy little brush 🙂

I really like Models Own version as it’s really black, has a very handy little brush that means that you can make precises lines and flicks. It also lasts a long time, it lasted all night in a hot club which is always a good thing! I would definitely recommend this eyeliner, it’s a steal at £6.00 which you can get from Models Own or in Boots.

Well it’s now 18:03 and I’m still alive. I guess we made it then!! Ha. Hope you all have a nice Saturday evening 🙂