Mellow Yellow

Hey girlies,

Hope you’re all having a lovely day 🙂  the boyfriend and I went to see The Hangover 2 today and used my boyfriend’s free cinema tickets which he won through being employee of the month ( well something along those lines!) The film wasn’t as funny as the first but it was still good, it is worth a watch if you liked the first film!

I painted my nails the other night with a slightly unusual colour, Lemon Meringue by Models Own is a gorgeous pastel lemon colour which is actually quite nice on. I’m always a bit wary of yellow nails as no one likes to look diseased but this is nice and also makes my lands look so brown!

I really do like Models Own polishes, love the creamy colours as they’re a little different plus they dry so fast! I definitely have rekindled my love for this polish!

Hope you all have a lovely evening, I’m looking forward to my tea which will consist of Gammon, chips and gravy (what bikini diet?!)