Nail Essentials

Hey girlies,

Hope you’re all having a lovely day so far, I am quite bored to be honest and I’m trying to resist from buying a bikini from New Look online as I have a 20% off voucher which finishes tomorrow-aaah I need to save as I have a very expensive couple of months coming up with Fathers day, my Mum’s birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday, our second holiday balance and spending money for our first holiday. Phew so as you can imagine without a job it’s going to be tight. Thank the lord for student loans.

Now I don’t want to bore you too much with my finances and my grumbles about not being able to find a job and my longing for bikini’s worn by the TOWIE lot so I’ll get on with this post.

Now I love painting my nails, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have nail polish on, I’m guessing school and I left school four years ago! Amazingly my nails aren’t stained as you’d imagine with four years of constant nail polish. How have I managed to keep my nails stain free? I’m about to tell you.

These three products are my favourites at the moment and products like these are so important when painting your nails.

Here we have my base coat and top coat of choice. I cannot stress how important these beauties are when painting your nails, I know that probably most of you are sitting thinking ” I know this already” but I’m just saying to me they are very important.

So why use a base and top coat? Firstly use a base coat to prevent your nail polish from staining your nail and fingers, we’ve all been there when we’ve used a dark nail polish or red ( red is a right madam to get off) and the nail is stained with the colour along with the finger. Using a base coat prevents this and in my opinion makes it’s so much easier to take off. Which is good if you have a weird thing about cotton wool, does anyone else get this? I can’t touch cotton wools balls or pull them apart urgh and it gives me goosebumps, I’m getting goosebumps as I just wrote that- what a freak eh?

My base coat of the moment is China Glaze First and Last- This you can pick up from Sally’s or maybe try Beautyzone2007 on Ebay as it might be cheaper there, I use this as a base and top coat, it’s great stuff and even colours like coral haven’t stained when using this.

Top coats are the best thing to use when you don’t want your colour to chip. Yes some colours will chip depending on what you get up to/ the quality of the polish. But this will help it stay. Like I mentioned before I use the China Glaze one at the moment and then I use this Speed Dial polish which I picked up from Sally’s, this helps your nails dry faster and adds extra gloss to your polish. I find that when using these three products my nail polish lasts about a week.

Barry M does a good alternative to the China Glaze first and last which will be a lot easier to get hold of and cheaper too probably.

So there we go, hope you’ve found this useful 🙂 hope you all have a lovely afternoon 🙂