Safari Chic

Hey Girlies,

Hope you’ve all had a great Tuesday, almost typed Monday then! Getting right confused with my days after all these bank holidays! I feel a bit more relieved tonight as I have handed in two portfolios both with about 6000 words each and it’s a massive chunk of my uni work done. I also did a presentation which didn’t go great but I have another one tomorrow and then a last essay in for next Tuesday. Feel relieved that my two portfolios are in though, I don’t want to hear the words mass marketing/relationship marketing/swot analysis for a long time!

Now this weather is proper confusing me, is it hot? Is it cold? The weather can’t makes it mind up and it’s been right windy the past few days so I’ve been wary to wear a skirt/dress in case I flash my pants/bum which no body wants to see! So today I was adventurous. I didn’t want to wear jeans as I had a presentation and I still wanted to look summery so I pulled out this trousers, are they called chinos? I got these from Primark a month or so back for like £12.00 and I’m not sure about them, my boyfriend made one of those ” are you serious” faces? I was like ‘darling these are all the rage’ I didn’t say darling by the way, just so you know I’m not actually trying to morph into K-Mid. On the subject of Kate Middleton am I the only one who refuses to call her Catherine? I’ve known her as Kate so that’s what I know. Anyway I digress.

Blouse: Primark

Trousers: Primark

Sandals: Matalan

So I popped these trousers on this morning with one of my fave ever Primark buys and thought it looked alright. I do feel like I look like I’m about to hop on a jeep and go on safari. Also am I the only person who is freaked out by the thought of going on a actual safari? What if a lion like pounced on the jeep? Also I’d be scared of seeing L’s (lizards) urgh I can’t say the name as I’m that petrified of them. Yes I know it’s a weird fear, it all stemmed from a dream where a massive one ate me. And there is a lot on the tv at the moment, sure they’re out to get me. Jesus I’m waffling on again, what is wrong with me?

Basically here’s my outfit post: I’m not on safari as we’ve established that scares me. I also don’t know if trousers suit me as I’m short, someone in my class today said ” Corrie I never realised how short you were till today.” Hmm maybe I’ve shrunk.

I’m gonna go now before you get my whole life story! Have a lovely Tuesday evening, I can’t decide whether to paint my nails or not. Oooh hard decision eh.