Boi-ing friend or faux?

Hey lovelies,

Hope you’re all well and having a lovely day so far 🙂 what a gorgeous day it has been!

As you all know, I’m always on the look out for a bargain. Being a student, my budget for make up/ clothes isn’t always particularly high, however much I wish it was. I’ve always admired Benefit products and own a couple of things myself. However the prices can be a little unfriendly to us students. So as you can imagine when I saw this little Boi-ing concealer by Benefit on Ebay for a bargionous price of £3.50, I thought it was worth a go.

Now Ebay are notorious for having sellers who sell fake branded make up, so when this concealer arrived, I was completely prepared for a little falsie however I cannot tell if this concealer is indeed a faux.

The packaging is what I’d imagine from a Benefit product, and the seller claims that these products are ‘seconds’ from Benefit and couldn’t be sold due to a packaging malfunction. Hmm?

Now onto the concealer itself, to be honest this is quite a good little concealer, it works great on blemishes and blemish marks but it isn’t so great for eye bags. I put it on and thought ‘ahh it looks like I have nothing on’. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not condone fake products as who wants a fake product at the end of the day, but with this Boi-ing version, I honestly cannot tell if it’s a fake or not!

Have you ever ordered a fake product by accident?

Hope you all have a lovely evening 🙂