Hair Advice Needed!!

Hey girlies,

Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday so far, I’m not too happy that it isn’t a very nice day today, it’s like we get two days of sunshine and then that’s it. Pfft British weather eh!

Now just a quick little post- I need some help and thought you girls would be the best people to ask! Recently I’ve noticed my hair has been feeling really dry and not in great condition at all. To be honest, I think most of it is down to the fact, I’m mostly pottering about the flat these days and I just put my hair up and I’ve had a couple of days of sunbathing which always makes my hair feel dry.

I obviously need some kind of deep conditioning, so can anyone recommend a great hair product conditioner/mask/ whatever you’ve found great and preferably from places like Boots/Superdrug.

I know the Aussie stuff is really good and my Mum uses the three minute miracle, so was thinking of maybe getting that but just wanted to maybe find out about some other products!!

Thanks girlies 🙂 hope you all have a lovely Sunday 🙂

P.S I am thinking about starting to make videos as I have a video camera and I have no uni any-more, however I’m not sure what I’d make the videos about so if anyone has any requests or tips that would also be great! Thanks once again lovelies 🙂