Holiday Essentials

Hey girlies,

Hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday so far, just where is this week going? Time seems to be moving so fast these days, can’t believe it is the 1st of June and just twenty five days till my twentieth birthday.

Now as well as my impending birthday, our first holiday is on the horizon. With just over a month till we depart (5th July) my organised self decided that I wanted to start getting things sorted out. I made full advantage of the bank holiday Boots advantage card offer when you get 10 points per £1.00 when you spend £15.00 or over.

We trotted off to Boots where we purchased some holiday ‘essentials’. To me these are essentials, my boyfriend thinks I am mad and my Dad said is there anything you didn’t buy? To be honest I would rather be prepared than unprepared. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

I’ve compiled a little post about my holiday essentials and hopefully for all you lucky ladies jetting off too it may help you remember something if you like being prepared like me.

Pain relief tablets (Paracetamol +Ibuprofen)– I don’t just carry these round with me when I’m on holiday, these are a everyday staple that are always found in my handbag/bedside table. You never know when a headache or whatever will strike and when you’re on holiday you don’t want anything getting in your way of having fun. 

Mini shampoo and conditioner- I love these little travel size bottles and they are just perfect for holidays and weekends away. I to be honest will probably buy a shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket for like £1.00 and then that way we will have plenty of product for me and my boyfriend and it won’t matter if we don’t use it all and have to throw it away at the end of our stay. I do think that cheap shampoo + conditioner can be just as good as the branded stuff. 

Aftersun- This goes without saying really, after sun is one of the definite essentials for holidays. This is perfect for reliving sunburn or just maintaining that tan. I personally love that smell of after sun which just screams holidays! In Boots at the moment we picked this massive Soltan version up for something like £3.00. Bargain!

Savlon Wash- This stuff is what I’d call a miracle product. I used to use this every day years and years ago when I first had my bellybutton pierced. I swear I was one of the only people at school who didn’t get an infected piercing and I swear this spray is to thank. Last year when my boyfriend and I went to Turkey, I forgot to take anything like this and I managed to burn my feet on boiling sand ( I know right.) They all blistered and to keep them clean, I cleaned them with antibacterial hand wash. Savlon is cheap and well I’d rather be with it than without it, it can be used for a multitude of things!

Suncream– Obviously the is the must have when going away! I am a tanorexix and one of the main reasons that I go on holiday is to get a tan. In the weeks running up to holidays, I have this reoccurring nightmare that I wake up on the last day of my holiday realising I’ve slept through the whole week and I have one whole day to get a tan. What a stupid nightmare eh? We’ve opted for a factor 15 and 8 as neither me or my boyfriend burn easily and we have a base tan already. I will be purchasing a higher factor for my face probably a 20 as I don’t like it burning. I am also going to get a oil maybe a factor 8/10 for the last couple of days to deepen that tan! 

Mini Shower Gel- Again like the shampoo’s etc these travel sizes are great for holidays. I think I will either take a couple of these or just get a cheap one like I said with the shampoo’s so that we have plenty. 

Plasters– Finally plasters, just in case. 

I realise I probably look like I am quite a control freak but I like being organised, I have obviously bought other medicines in case we get ill (you know what I mean) and I just need to get some travel sickness tablets as I get quite nervous/excited about holidays which makes me feel sick or sometimes be sick. How lovely eh!

Do you have any holiday essentials? I know that some sneaky sudocrem will also be sneaking it’s away into my suitcase!

Hope you all have a lovely day 🙂 I am waiting for the postman to come with my New Look bikini hopefully and then I’m going to sunbathe 🙂