It’s all about the eyes..

Hey girlies,

Hope you’re all good 🙂 now I’m quite late on the bandwagon with this product as it was released a few months back now. I’m talking about Maybelline Lasting gel eyeliner. Now I’ve been intrigued about this product since it came out but after seeing it on Marilou’s blog, I decided I kinda needed it. Luckily in Boots had an offer on where you got £2.00 off this so it was a no brainer whether to buy it or not.

I’ve never tried a gel eyeliner before but I am majorly impressed. This glides on like a dream, the little brush is quite good too as usually the brushes you get with products are rubbish, this isn’t the case though. I easily managed to create a straight (ish) line and a little flick, I didn’t even have to try and you all know how cack handed I am.

I apologise for the state of my eyes, this is after I power walked round town, been rained on and sweated through the 30 day shred.

I’ll get back to you on how long it lasts as I only popped it on a couple of hours ago and I’m off for a shower soon to dye my hair ( a chestnut brown nothing too drastic) but I’ll maybe wear it tomorrow and see how long it lasts.

Right I hope you all have a lovely evening, I’m off back home for the weekend and I’m not taking my laptop as I’m a rubbish packer and my suitcase is already filling up with clothes and make up. Yeah so I probably won’t blog now till Monday as I’ll be away, I’m looking forward to the break and I’m going to a wedding Saturday night but my boyfriend is staying here as he couldn’t get the time off work. I always get a bit sad when I leave him even when it’s like four days, I’m saying to myself that it’s only technically three days that I won’t see him as I’ll see him tomorrow, and then the day I get back so it’s only Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ha I’m going to shut up now as I’m sounding like a right sap. Have a lovely few days 🙂