Out On The Lash..

Hey girlies!

Hope you’re all okay, I’m having a lazy day today and chilling. The weather also hasn’t improved my mood to do anything productive, though the sun seems to making more of an appearance now but it will probably rain in ten minutes. I’ve also been having a little stress as my boyfriend and I have found a really lovely flat for rent in our apartment block which has a balcony and a SEA VIEW! I have always wanted a place with a sea view and a balcony for sunbathing as at the moment I use the communal gardens and I get weird looks when I’m there in a bikini. However the flat doesn’t have a parking space which we need so I’m trying to look for someone who has one to rent but I’m not having much luck. I really, really like the flat though so having a little disappointed moment as I don’t think we’ll be able to go for it.

Well I’ll stop waffling on about my life and get on with the actual post. I mentioned in my post the other day that I have had eyelash extensions. I love having long lashes and I’m not the best at applying false lashes so eyelash extensions are right up my street. My cousin Louise applied them for me as she’s a beauty therapist, her facebook page is here if you’re interested.

Before the extensions

I decided I wanted the super long fake look as I didn’t mind if I looked like I was wearing falsies! They took about a hour and a half/ two hours to be applied but it was very relaxing and hardly felt anything. They can last for up to six weeks but the average is about four weeks and it depends on your eyelash growth. I’ve had mine on for almost a week now and I have noticed a couple that have fallen out or are hanging by a shred but they are pretty much still in tact.

After the extensions

I’m trying to be really careful taking my make up off and trying to avoid touching them at all costs. You also don’t need mascara with them which saves me time in the morning! To keep them as long as possible my cousin suggested no saunas, getting them wet (swimming pools etc) no oil based make up remover, touching them or using waterproof mascara.

I really like them and they’re great for a special event, I’m hoping mine will still be around when I go on holiday in two weeks as they’d be good for round the pool so you don’t feel completely bare!

Have you ever had eyelash extensions? How long did they last? I’m off to go think about that flat again, have a lovely rest of your day.