Barry M mushroom- so wrong, it’s right.

Hey girlies!

Hope you’re all okay and it has been sunny where ever you have been today, it’s been lovely and warm this afternoon so I’ve been topping up the old tan on the balcony! In fact I am currently writing this from my balcony, though my eyes watering for some strange reason, so I probably look like some crazy lady sat in a bikini on a balcony crying.

Now I painted my nails yet again earlier, I don’t know what is up with me and nail varnish at the moment but it seems to be chipping so easy at the moment. I think I need to find a really good top coat, (if you have any recc’s please let me know!)

As it’s summer, I have been sticking to pastel/bright nail colours and leaving the darker ones for when Autumn arrives. I don’t know why I do this as it’s not like the nail polish police will arrest me for having dark nails in the summer and bright in the winter. I am basically a little odd, but you’ve probably worked that one out by now.

Anyway for some reason I was complied to pick up Barry M’s Mushroom from my collection and slap it on my nails (FYI I was actually really careful with my application, no slapping took place.) Once it was on, I’d forgotten how much I loved this colour. It is in fact what you would call a ‘greige’ it’s the colour of sludge. It shouldn’t work but it oh so does.

Now whenever I wear colours of this variety, I feel ever so sophisticated, these are the colours that I imagine the likes of K and P Middy adorn their nails in. I feel like waving my hands about in a lady like fashion.

Apologies for the messy application.. Maybe it was slapped on..

I do really love Barry M nail paints and if you haven’t got Mushroom in your collection, then I heavily recommend you get it. You may not want to wear it now but save it for October and I’m pretty sure you’ll also be waving your hands about Kate Middleton stylee.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday evening 🙂