Ta Ta Blemishes..

Hey girlies!

Hope you’re all okay 🙂 today I’m going to post about the Witch liquid concealer which I won in a give-away from the lovely Abby

I suffer from ‘problem skin’ by that I mean, it will break out at any sign of stress, worry or when ever it’s that time of the month. Recently due to moving flats, starting a new job and disputes with estate agents etc my skin has been throwing its toys out of the pram to say. So when I received this concealer, I was mightily glad!

The liquid concealer which is a new product from skincare brand Witch and is part of their new anti- blemish cosmetic range.  The concealer  is specially formulated for oily/combination skin. 

The Witch website quotes that the liquid concealer is “enriched with antibacterial actives, it helps target spots and blemishes while smoothly covering them helping you to achieve a clear looking complexion instantly. Providing medium coverage and a natural matte finish, the lightweight formulation is also suitable for use under eyes, and great for reducing redness around the nose.”

So as you can imagine, this product is right up my street and well will be for anyone else with problematic skin. The concealer comes in a little pen shape and you screw the bottom to get product ( I know that makes not a lot of sense but I tried.) You then dab on the concealer and off you go. Something I was impressed with was the coverage of this concealer, this does cover those pesky spots really well. Once this was applied and then powder added, I’d forgotten I even had spots. 

Though  it hasn’t worked for me in the sense that ‘targets’ blemishes and spots. I haven’t noticed that any have reduced in size and I definitely haven’t had the blemishes stop. To be honest, it is a good idea and I’m sure the anti-bacterial actives make it a little better than the usual concealers I use, but however, at the end of the day it’s still make up and we all know that deep down make up isn’t great for your skin. 

I have been impressed with this product though and would recommend it for people with problem skin as the coverage really is quite impressive. The Witch Liquid Concealer is available at Boots now and is priced £6.99. 

Thanks once again for the give-away Abby, and I hope you all have a lovely Friday night 🙂