Batiste- a hint of colour review..

Hey girlies!

Hope you’re all okay 🙂 before I start my post I just want to say thank you for all those who have subscribed to my Youtube channel and left lovely comments. I was so nervous about uploading my first video but I’m glad that I finally bit the bullet! I know the quality wasn’t great but I’ll hopefully master some better filming techniques as I go along! I want to record another video before I go on holiday but I don’t know what to do one on, so if you have any requests/ideas then please let me know!

Okay so moving on to my actual post…

As you know I love Batiste dry shampoo and I have been especially loving their new products. The lovely people from Batiste offered to send me some Hint Of Colour dry shampoo’s to review and I was overjoyed to be given the chance to try them out. I was sent all three shades which are: Light & Blonde, Medium & Brunette and Dark & Deep Brown. Now today I will be reviewing Medium and Brunette and Dark and Deep Brown as I am obviously a brunette. My sister Hayley has stepped in to review the light and blonde version so look out for that review in the upcoming weeks.

So what is Batiste Hint Of Colour? 

‘Choose your shade and add more colour to your life. These fabulous dry shampoos revitalise lifeless locks between washes with a hint of colour to blend with your hair tone. Light is great for blondes, medium is perfect for rich brunettes and fiery auburn’s and dark for darker haired beauties.’

Taken from the Batiste website..

These are dry shampoo’s but with a difference. A hint of colour. Yes that’s right, instead of the grey powder that usually is squirted from the nozzle, a lovely coloured powder is released instead. There are three shades like I mentioned above. I have swatched the three shades on a piece of paper so you can see the difference in shades. 

Having brunette hair, I found that both medium and brunette and deep and dark brown both matched my hair. Deep and dark brown is slightly darker but once massaged into the roots it is un-noticeable. 

These work just as well as the other Batiste products, any greasiness in the hair is eradicated and leaves roots  feeling full of volume. However you must shake these cans vigorously before spraying or you will not see the hint of colour. 

Below is what happens when you normally spray dry shampoo- the grey Aunt Mabel look. I didn’t see the point in taking a photograph of my hair with the Hint of Colour dry shampoo as the dry shampoo’s match so well you wouldn’t be able to tell there was even dry shampoo in my hair! 

This look is a look of the past thanks to hint of colour! 

I’m really impressed with these and I imagine they will be great for root re-growth, these also eradicate any paranoia of grey patches left in the hair. 

Batiste hint of colour dry shampoo can be bought from many stores on the high street. 

Hope you all have a lovely day & evening 🙂 

Note: I was sent these products to review by Batiste but this has in no way affected my opinion. I will always be 100% honest in my reviews and I genuinely love these products.