I Love Hue…

Hey girlies!

As most of you probably know, I recently went on holiday. I had decided before I went that I wanted to pick up a new MAC lipstick from the airport. My trusty Creme D’nude was on its last legs and I’d found in Menorca that with a tan, Creme D’nude was slightly too light and made me look a little like those girls you see round the shopping centre with foundation for lipstick.

I already narrowed down my choices but found that once swatched MAC’s Hue was the one for me. Slightly different to my usual lipsticks, this is slightly more pink than the traditional nude, but nevertheless I do love it.

Hue which is described as a soft pale pink on the MAC website is pretty accurate, it’s a lovely flattering nude/pink which looked lovely with a tan but will also look lovely without a tan too, I think it’s one of those colour that flatter every skin tone.

Hue is also a Glaze so it means that it gives a sheen finish, meaning you don’t need any lipgloss over the top. I like it either on it’s own or with some lip balm over the top, either way has a really natural look.

Here’s me wearing Hue 🙂 

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick? Hope you all have a lovely evening 🙂