July/August make up favourites..

Hey Girlies!

I realise I am a bit presumptuous with my end of month favourites but with me jetting of to Crete next week, I thought I would get them in early rather than later. I also didn’t do a July favourites or maybe even a June post so this will have to make up for it!

These are all items that I’ve posted about lately so I’ll make sure that I don’t harp on about them too much.

  • Rimmel Day to Night mascara- I bought this when it was on offer in Boots, I think it had £2.00 off so was only about £5/6 which was cheap compared to all the other mascaras. How expensive have drugstore mascaras got lately? Jeez. I wasn’t expecting much from this but I do really like it. It has to brushes; one for length and one for volume. Always go with length first or you’ll end up with clumpy lashes. This mascara makes your lashes long and full, yes it’s not the best mascara I’ve ever used but it’s a good drugstore one and good value too. 

  • YSL Touche Eclat- This I received for my birthday and I haven’t used anything under my eyes since. It’s like a little miracle, it eradicates pesky dark circles within an instant. I believe it is worth the price as nothing else I’ve tried works as well. 

  • Eyedew- dazzling eye-drops- Now I’ve been wanting to do a post on these for like forever! But I’ve never been able to get the right pictures of my eyes to accompany the post. These are one of my make up MUSTS. These amazing eye drops make your eyes white, they get rid of any discolouring, any bloodshot areas and make your eyes pop! I use these every day and couldn’t live without them. My eyes naturally are quite discoloured and when-ever I’m tired they go all red and I look like I’ve been crying for three years. These eye-drops get rid of all that and make me actually look normal. I like this type especially as they’re coloured blue so you can see where your putting them in your eye. A real handy product that I’m never without. 

  • MAC strobe cream- I posted about this yesterday, I’ve been loving this so far as it gives a gorgeous dewy look which is just perfect for the summer. 

  • Estee Lauder- Doublewear foundation- So glad that I finally bit the bullet and bought this foundation. I’ve never used a foundation that has made my skin look so flawless. I cannot recommend it enough, it is a little on the heavy side but when mixed with some strobe cream this lightens it slightly. 

  • MAC Warmth of Coral blush– I’ve also been loving this blush, I’ve not had it long but I’ve been loving the peachy warm glow that it gives to the apples of my cheeks. I have been very naughty and have also ordered Illamasqua’s Lover blush which is almost the same as MAC’s peaches. I am so excited to receive this and my peach blush obsession is going nowhere yet!

There we go hope you liked my summer make up favourites 🙂 what have yours been?