MAC me look like Blair Waldorf-Warmth of Coral review…

Hey Girlies!

Did you see what I did with the title? MAC instead of make? Ha get it? Oh dear, it’s a worry that I find myself funny. Moving on swiftly…

Now I don’t know if I mentioned on here about my naughty little MAC purchases, you see my memory is like a sieve these days but yes I have made a sneaky few purchases. One of my purchases was the Warmth Of Coral mineralize blush. Now as you may know I am obsessed with blushers and one shade of blusher which isn’t apparent in my make up bag is peach/coral shades. This I decided needed to change.

I want to look like her- well not as much as Cheryl but still. 

My peach blush obsession came about after watching Gossip Girl, I got the box set of seasons 1-3 for my birthday, so me and my boyfriend have been watching GG like there’s no tomorrow. Who knew my boyfriend would actually enjoy Gossip Girl eh? Anyway in the first few episodes of season 2, Blair who is lovely and tanned after a summer in Europe rocks a gorgeous peach colour on her cheeks. Being the make up obsessive that I am, I decided I needed a blush that colour and that if I had a blush this colour I would become Blair Waldorf. ( I am joking.)

I did my research and had some help from some lovely girls  and decided that MAC’s Warmth of Coral was the nearest match to the one in the Gossip Girl make up bag.

MAC Warmth of Coral taken from MAC

I ordered this blush from Debenhams online as MAC had sold out. But it was a £1.00 cheaper on Debenhams and beauty club cardholders get free delivery. Bargain.

So this morning my blush arrived and here’s my thoughts…

Do I look like Blair Waldorf? 

First of all no. I’d need perfect skin and wealth for that but my cheeks might give her a good run for her money. Warmth of Coral is a peach colour which is very pigmented however it doesn’t seem to transfer as bright on to your face. I needed to layer it this morning to make it brighter and unfortunately the photo’s I took don’t make it stand out that much. But these photos are also making my hair look a lot lighter than what it actually is so there we go. 

I think that this blush will look lovely when my face is darker again ( hello Crete in 2 weeks time) but I do like this blush, it gives a lovely natural glow that nothing else in my make up bag can achieve. However I was slightly disappointed with the fact you only get 3.5g worth of product?! HUH? You get 6g worth of product in the normal powder blushes and they’re £2.00 cheaper! Madness. 

I will try and get some better pictures of this blush on so look out for it on some FOTD’s which I’ll get taken within the next few days! Hope you all have a lovely Monday evening 🙂