Goodbye Summer?

Hey girlies!

Hope you’re all okay on this very rainy and blustery day. I am making a pact to stay indoors today, it’s just too horrible to go outside and this means not even popping to the Co-op down the road to go get Heat magazine, which is usually the highlight of my week (sad but true.)

Now this is just a quick outfit post, obviously not from today but from Saturday when the weather was remarkably better than today, still it didn’t stop me getting looks of people in town like I had a second head just because I was wearing shorts. Today definitely feels like summer is saying good bye, this makes me feel very sad as I love summer and kind of feel we’ve been robbed of ours this year as we’ve hardly had any sun. It also means that very soon tights are going to have to be dug out to be worn with my shorts. Arrrg.

Top: H&M

Shorts: Primark

Shoes: Primark

On the topic of clothes, I’m actually selling some of mine on Ebay. Here’s the link if anyone is interested 🙂 

Hope you all have a lovely day and stay dry! 

P.S Did anyone order from the Models Own sale? I ordered last Wednesday and my order is still processing! Urgh getting impatient now!