Hair so shiny, you can see your reflection..

Hey Girlies!

Like most people I have been glued to my television set on a Saturday night watching the new series of The Xfactor, whilst it isn’t the same without my beloved Cheryl, I have been pleasantly surprised with the new judges consisting of Tulisa from The N-Dubz as Louis Walsh likes to call N-dubz (yes I am sad and watch Xtra Factor too- mainly though to see what presenter Caroline Flack is wearing *hello new style crush*) Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland. As well as loling at Gary’s put downs “that was rap with a silent c”, I have been also lusting at Kelly Rowland’s shiny, shiny hair.

I was watching and said ‘ I want hair that shiny’. Now her hair is like hair pieces and wigs so realistically my hair wont EVER be that shiny but hey I can try and make my hair as shiny as I possibly can eh? So with project shiny hair in action, I popped into Boots where they seem to have 3 for 2 on literally every product at the moment. So being the bargain savvy individual l I am, I took advantage of this offer. I bought John Frieda, Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Perfecting Glosser- well that was a mouthful and a half wasn’t it? We’ll just call it the glosser from now on okay?

This is a serum that you apply to wet hair and then once your hair is dry you can apply it very carefully to your hair again to get extra shine! The serum helps to eliminate frizz and split ends whilst giving you a glossy mane. I’m always skeptical of serums, I’ve used ones in the past that have made my hair feel sticky and horrible and I was worried that this one would do the same. I was wrong though, this glosser is lovely and light on both wet and dry hair. I have noticed a difference in how soft my hair feels and how it’s a little more shiny. So far I really like this product and I think I’m definitely on way to getting Kelly Rowland esque hair.

I also purhcased some hair dye, I bought Clairols’ Perfect 10 dye in the shade- Light Chocolate Brown. I saw this dye on Bubblegarm’s blog and fell in love with the colour. A gorgeous rich chocolate brown. Since being on holiday, my hair has gone a light brown/ginger in places colour. Whilst I quite like this colour, I’ve been lusting after a glossy rich chocolate brown colour and I felt this colour suited my needs. Also when you have darker hair the more shine reflects off it. I haven’t actually dyed my hair yet, I may do it this weekend or I may not. I will let you know though and provide some ‘after’ shots for you all to see. Hopefully once my hair is dyed I will have luscious shiny locks. A girl can dream though eh?

If you’re wondering what my other product was in my 3 for 2 offer, it was some hair gel/wax for my boyfriend. I thought he needed some and cause I’m nice and that I bought him some. He doesn’t do too bad with me really.

Hope you’ve all had a good Friday and have a lovely weekend. Today we enquired about some prices for our holiday to America next summer! Me and my boyfriend really want to go to New York and LA and because we’re both turning 21 next year and graduating university, we wanted to do something to commemorate the occasions. We decided the usual birthday bbq that we have wouldn’t cut it for our 21st’s. We’ve got some prices and looked into some hotels in both NY and LA and I am soooooooo excited. I think I’m going to hunt down the Gossip Girl set and persuade Blair Waldorf to be my best friend, also a peek at Chuck Bass wouldn’t be bad either. FYI I do know that these characters aren’t real.

Have a lovely evening girls 🙂