Boots mini haul…

Hey Lovelies!

So yet another inventive title from me there 😉 Boots has lured me in again this week! I have managed to avoid Boots and Superdrug for a little while as nothing was being released that particularly interested me, but this all changed this week! I popped in to get some face powder, my beloved Maybelline Dream Matte Powder had hit pan and my powder brush wasn’t picking another product up so it meant that I was being left with a rather shiny face which isn’t good.

I do think that places like Boots and Superdrugs are great at offering you stuff you don’t need, a £2.00 off here or a 3 for 2 and before you know it you’re walking out with a bag of stuff you don’t need. I think because of having a little break from buying make up, I was surprised by how many new exciting products that were out and well I couldn’t quite help myself. So what did I get?

L’oreal True Match super blend able powder- now I love the Maybelline Dream Matte powder, it works a treat so why didn’t I just re-purchase? Well because I always seem to rather try new products out, I get a bit bored. Also Boots currently have a offer on 2 for £14.00 offer on L’oreal products so I thought I’d partake in this offer 😉 this powder claims to hide imperfections- win, mattifys- win and gives a flawless base- win. I used this today and it’s lovely and silky and has kept me looking matte all day. So my risk paid off!

L’oreal Telescopic Mascara- Now I wanted a new mascara as I feel mine are a bit duff at the moment and well ages ago I saw in a magazine (so it must of been true) that Cheryl’s (Cole) favourite mascara is this one. So as you know I am a massive fan of Chez and well I thought if it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me. I got the carbon black version because I like really black lashes, and I thought the packaging was nicer. I’m such a sucker for packaging, I tell ya. I also used this morning and was impressed, my lashes are nice and long so that’s good. Well done Cheryl on this recommendation. I also got this as the other part of the 2 for £14.00 offer.

Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner- I’ve been craving a new liquid eyeliner as much as I love my gel eyeliner I don’t like it on my upper lash line, don’t ask me why, I just don’t. So I went on the More hot 100 beauty panel exclusive Facebook group and put it to the other panelists and many said to go for this one, so I did. It’s quite cheap, about £5.99 ish and has a nice little wand. However today my liner turned out less Lauren Conrad and more Amy Winehouse, guess I need a little more practice with the little wand. I’ve had this one for a few hours and it does seem to of worn off a little which is a little disappointing, but I’ll keep giving it a go and see how it goes!

17 Wild Metallic Eyes cream- I got this after seeing it last night on this blog post and thought ‘I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.’ These are only £3.99 which I think is great value and the shades do slightly remind me of Chanel’s illusion d’ombre eyeshadows. I got the shade Wild Nude which is a lovely metallic nude colour, which I think will look gorgeous with my Frontcover Cosmetics pigments! I will post a proper eye look with that all together as I just slapped it on before to get an idea of the colour.

The picture above shows the three products above all together, mind the dodgy eyebrows they need threading! If anyone knows of anywhere good in Southampton city centre that isn’t too expensive holla! ( Did I really just say holla?!)

What do you think of these products?

I hope you all have a lovely Friday evening, I am going to spend it watching dodgy television ( hello The Bachelor!) I also went and bought my tea from Marks and Spencer tonight and I am literally SO excited to eat it. I swear my life revolves around food!