D.I.Y Eyebrow Tinting…

Hey Lovelies!

I never used to be too bothered about my eyebrows, I’d never fill them, tweeze them every now and then, I just didn’t bother with them. However after reading beauty blogs and seeing many polished brows, I decided I wanted them too! I had my first expereicne of threading probably a month ago and today was the time when it needed doing again in time for the Cosmo Blog Awards on Wednesday evening. I decided to go for the cheap and easy route and have them done at a brow bar in my local Superdrug. The girl has done a good job but I HATED having it done in the till queue which was full of people who were looked like they belonged on Jeremy Kyle commenting ” ooh I bet that hurts” etc, etc. But hey it was cheap and quick so y’know.

Now I’ve also been loving HD brows and would love to have them done but unfortunately I just can’t justify spending £30/40 on a treatment that only lasts about 2/3 weeks. So I decided that I would try and re create the look of HD brows myself by tinting my brows myself. 

I actually bought my first eyebrow tinting kit the last time I had my brows threaded and I bought the Eylure Dylash kit, which can be purchased from Boots/Superdrug for about £7.00 which is a great price as you get several applications out of this kit whilst one off eyebrow tinting costs about £8.00 in a salon. I originally bought the dark brown kit, but didn’t blog about it cause I felt it didn’t really have an effect on my brows. So today I decided to buy the black kit too and mix the two kits together so I could achieve a super dark brow look.

How to dye your brows

  • Carry out a sensitivity test at least 48 hours before dying your brows, mix 1cm of the dye cream and 3 drops of the activating solution together and pop it behind your ear and see if you have a reaction. If all clear follow the next steps.
  • Remove all make up from your brows
  • Prepare the solution by mixing 2cm of the dye (1cm of black and 1cm of brown if you’re mixing like I did) and 5 drops of the solution
  • Mix together with the little applicator till you get a paste like in the picture below. 

  • Apply to brows and be careful to not get any on your skin
  • Leave for 1-2 minutes, always leave for less rather than more, because if your brows aren’t dark enough you can do them again, but if they’re too dark you have to live with them. 

My eyebrows with the dye on

  • Wipe off using either a dry or damp bit of cotton wool
  • and TA DA lovely dyed eyebrows!

The finished look, to really finish them off, I will fill them in with a dark brow eyeshadow.

This kit is so easy to use and it takes five minutes, I’m really impressed with how my brows have came out as they’re nice and dark which is how I like them! 

Do you dye your brows yourself? Or do you go to a salon? 

I hope you’re all having a lovely Monday so far, I’m feeling very out of routine today as I didn’t have my lectures today just tutorials so I didn’t have to be in till 12:30 which was nice for a Monday! I need your thoughts though, one of my units this year is called Media Communications Project where basically you do a project which is related to the media, quite vague I know. Basically I was talking to my tutor about what to do and I  let out about my blog and that and he said I could do something with my blog for the project so I’ve been thinking about either introducing a fashion element here to Dizzybrunette 3, either setting up a new blog or just adding it to here and maybe having a play around with the tabs and stuff, but would this interest you? I’m thinking outfit posts, my thoughts on fashion trends etc. Let me know anyways what you think and I’ll maybe start working on it!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday evening! 


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