I just want your kiss…

Hola Amigos!

I thought I’d try something new there, does it work? Yay or Nay? I’m thinking nay, let’s just forget this ever happened yeah?

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I am in love with the Kiss eyelashes that came with my #cosmoblogawards goody bag, ooh that was my first time using a # (hash tag) in a post. How exciting. I may start using them in everyday conversations, you know how Caroline Flack and Olly Murrs do on the Xtra Factor? #Bulge has been my favourite of the series so far, if you don’t watch Xtra Factor you’re probably wondering just what on earth I’m going on about, I’ll get onto to the actual subject now!

I forgot to take a picture of the lashes brand new, so I’ve had to crop a picture for you. I know, I know call myself a beauty blogger?

So yes Kiss Eyelashes, a brand I’ve never used before but had heard of. Whenever I’m shopping for lashes I do usually turn to Eylure, you go with what you know don’t you? So when I saw these, I did put my false eyelash snob face on and think ‘urgh not my usual Eylure, how ghastly.’ I didn’t really think that but I was a bit underwhelmed. However the eyelash karma fairy came and bit me on the bum (not literally that’s just bloody weird) and I was forced to admit I was wrong and that Kiss Eyelashes are in fact pretty darn awesome.

The style we received were the style number 2, and I’d describe them as a natural, long, spiky type of lash with red strings attached. I was a sceptic and thought how on earth will strings help me apply my lashes? But I tell you what on Saturday morning when I was getting ready for work I discovered that strings on false lashes may even be one of the greatest inventions ever, coming behind fake tan, hair straighteners and push up bras obviously. You basically put your glue on the lash as usual, wait for it to go tacky then using the string apply the lashes to your lash line and voila! It was so easy and so quick, easily the quickest and tidiest false lash application I’ve ever done. I was like this :O

The lashes with the strings still intact…

These lashes were also perfect for me, they had enough volume but weren’t too in your face and they were so, so light, I kept these on for a solid twelve hours and I completely forget I had lashes on, they also stayed put and no sneaky corners started peeling off so that was good. I was seriously impressed and will be hunting down other Kiss Eyelash styles that’s for sure! You can get Kiss eyelashes online and from Boots, I think whenever the next 3 for 2 offers on I will be on it like a car bonnet.

Though my criticism is that the strings only last the one application which is annoying, but hey ho. To get the strings off you wait for the lashes to dry and then with your index finger and thumb firmly hold the edge of the lash and pull at the string and the string will come out. I’ve attached some photos above of the lashes with the strings so you can see and also they’re quite Halloweeny!

The finished look! 

So yes I love these and think more eyelash companies should get on the string bandwagon as it’s such a good idea! Have you ever used Kiss Eyelashes before?

So before I go I want to say Happy Halloween, I feel I am one of the only people who actually doesn’t like Halloween, it scares me, even though it’s like just the same as every other day I get scared. I enjoyed being a child and trick or treating but now I’m 20 trick or treating would just look weird if I did it. I was going to go to a party tonight but I’m not really feeling myself so I’m going to stop in and watch Made in Chelsea, living life on the edge eh?

I’ve popped some really lovely coloured Saints bracelets on Ebay, I really love them and hope you will too. They are £2.50 including postage so I think it’s a right bargain! Here’s the link, if anyone’s interested!

So yes have a spooktacular day/evening 🙂