Long overdue OOTD..

Hey Girlies!

Hope you’re all okay, just thought I’d post a quick ootd as I haven’t posted one in FOREVER, well like two weeks but that’s a long time in the blogging world. I thought I’d dress appropriately as it seems that Autumn has finally arrived, I say finally like “FINALLY AUTUMN I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU.” But I haven’t because you all know how much I love summer and hate the colder months. So yes the tights are out in force.

Just what is my finger doing in this picture? My guess is looking for Narnia, also a big congratulations to our Dyson on making it’s blog debut. 

Leather Jacket: Miss Selfridge

Scarf: Primark

Top (which you can hardly see): H&M

Shorts: Topshop

Boots: Primark 

A pretty simple and boring outfit to be fair, I have to admit my leather jacket has been my new best friend of late, I know that in a few weeks it won’t be acceptable or warm enough to wear a jacket with 3/4 sleeves. 

Also I need some help, I am on the hunt for a nice dress to wear to the Cosmo Blog Awards, I want to look nice but need to be in a dress that is acceptable to travel through London, like if I travelled through London in a sequined strapless number I’d probably get some odd looks. However I haven’t found too much, I’ve found a couple on ASOS but I stupidly didn’t order this weekend and now the 20% NUS student discount has finished *facepalm* I’ve actually never ever said *facepalm* before, how exciting. So if you know of any places, let me know! I’m feeling a little black dress, cause it’s classic isn’t it, but the racy side of me is feeling red. Because whenever I’m  Facebook stalking looking through pictures on Facebook and I see a red dress, I think oooh lovely. But I want a dress that I will look back on and think ” that was a nice dress” because a lot of the time I look back on photo’s and think “Corrie you look like a lump” and well I don’t know if I’ll ever be up for an award again so I don’t want to look like a lump. Oh can you tell I’ve eaten a few skittles whilst writing this? *Skittles is not an euphemism for something else, I mean actual Skittles taste the rainbow and all that*

So I hope you all have a lovely Monday evening, the worst day of the week is over! Hurrrrrah!