Not another Glossybox post….

Hey lovelies!

I know, I know not another October Glossybox post? If your dashboard has been anything like mine then it will of been chockablock of Glossybox posts, but here’s one more for you 😉

So last week the lovely Glossybox team emailed and asked if I’d like to try a Glossybox out, now I had been umming and aaahing about whether to subscribe to Glossybox after seeing all the blogposts on  the amazing September box, it’s fair to say that I was intrigued. So to be very kindly given the offer to try one out I thought ‘why not’. I was excited about the October box as it’s the 6th box and the box includes a 6th product.

So this arrived a few days ago and I’m still a bit undecided on some of  the products that were inside this months box. If you’ve been living in dark cave and you don’t know what’s in this months Glossybox I will tell you.

Dermalogica Age Smart Samples: Multivitamin Thermafoliant (15ml sample,75ml full size £40.50) Multivitamin Power Recover Masque (15ml sample, 70ml full size £33.00) and the Renewal Lip Complex (1ml sample, 1.75ml full size £22.50) which came inside the beauty bag-

Now Dermalogica is obviously a big name in the beauty skincare industry so I am looking forward to trying these out, however I’m not sure I will be able to take full advantage of them as they are the ‘Age Smart’ range and as I’m only 20 I don’t really need to be worrying about wrinkles, well not quite yet. But I think they sound like good products to give your skin a clean and hopefully brighten my complexion. I love the little lip renewal complex, it’s lovely and silky which will be a godsend come the cold winter months when my lips get dry and chapped. 

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Colour and Care ( 12 ml full size sample £11.00) 

I love nail polishes and have actually never tried any of the Leighton Denny nail polishes so I’m looking forward to giving this a whirl. I received the shade Sex Kitten which is a metallic sky blue. I think this will be a pretty toe colour, the shades of the polishes have varied in each box. The polish is also a full sized product so it’s retail value is £11.00, which is very generous. 

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner (Full size £13.00)

Another full size product is which again is very generous! This is probably my favourite product from the box, the shade Moray which I’m pretty sure everyone received is a lovely glittery khaki green, not usually one for greens on my eyes I think that this will look lovely with a smokey brown eye. I also swatched this on my hand and then went for a shower and the eyeliner stayed put even when I put the shower head over it and rubbed it, it just wouldn’t budge! So it most definitely waterproof! I also have nothing like this in my make up collection so it will be nice to try out a different brand and shade. 

Stila Moray swatch 

Robert Piguet Eau de Parfums (8ml samples, full size 50 ml £65.00)

I’m not going to lie these are probably my least favourite products in this month’s Glossybox, the smells just don’t appeal to me but that’s what good about having samples at least you can try them instead of having one big bottle cluttering up your dressing table. I think that the smells are too old for me, I know that sounds a little weird but they were a little too heavy for my liking and just didn’t compare to my beloved Marc Jacobs Lola, but hey I gave them a go! 

So there we go, my Glossybox in a nutshell. So what did I think then? Will I be subscribing? I’m afraid sadly not, you see I’m already on quite a strict budget and although there are definite pros to the Glossybox; the element of surprise is very exciting, the fact you don’t know what you’re getting is exciting and reminds me of buying those Surprise Bags from Claire’s Accessories (did anyone else ever buy them? Me and my friends would always get them whenever we went into town on a Saturday when we were 12!) I also think it’s good that you can try out brands that you may of never tried before or stuff you do want to try and you can make your mind up before you spend the money. You also get products that are worth more than the £10.00 you pay for the boxes for example this month you are getting two full size products for £24.00 which is a bargain. But however there are also some cons for me, you see if I’m going to pay £10.00 per box and then postage I want to make sure I’m getting products that I like and will use. I’m also a bit of a mainstream girl, I like using brands I know and that I like. 

I am glad though that I gave Glossybox a go and would like to thank The Glossybox team especially Lily for giving me the opportunity to try their box out! Glossybox works for lots of people but I just don’t think it’s for me unfortunately. 

Do you receive Glossybox’s? If so what did you think of this months box?

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday, I’m already excited for Xfactor! 🙂