The Return of the French Manicure..

Hey Girlies!

Hope you’re all okay and enjoying your weekend so far. I apologise for not posting for a couple of days, I have been shattered from my first week back at uni. I always find the first week back after a long break tires you out and tired I am. I also yesterday had my first ever promotions job, I was a ‘sexy Santa’ for nightclub Tiger Tiger in Cardiff where we were raising awareness of their Christmas parties and raising money for charity. It was fun but I didn’t quite enjoy getting up at 5:30 am and standing in the street in a very small outfit in the lovely October weather. It was good fun though and was something different! I’ve included a couple of photos below in case you’d like a giggle look.

 Can you spot me?! 


Now in preparation for my promo job yesterday, I decided to paint my nails all nice as I like to make an effort and all that. I decided to go for the classic french manicure and add a little bit of a twist to it. I used to love the french manicure and when I was 17 it was all I wore on my nails. As I’ve got older, I’ve found the FM a little tacky and have usually steered away as I have so many coloured nail polishes it seemed a shame to not use them! I usually paint my nails with a FM whenever I do like a photo shoot as I think it’s a classic look and makes your fingers look all sophisticated.

I also added a little bit of nail art in the form of a cute little bow. I got these bows from Ebay for something like £2.00. They’re quite big so you need to make sure you put lots of clear nail varnish on to keep them in place and try to not be too vigorous with your nails so they don’t fall off! I really like them though as I think they’re really cute and great for people like me who can’t do their own nail art!

I created this look using Bourjois Rose Lounge and a  Cina white nail art pen. Which you can get from places like Ebay, Amazon and Sally’s. I find using a pen is so much easier than a brush to create the white tips, even with my cack handness I think my nails look quite neat!

What do you think? Do you like french manicures?

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday, I am very excited for the first live show of Xfactor tonight!! 🙂